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Food Communities are vast systems that need to be improved. Many want to help make a difference, but don’t know what to do. By clicking on the buttons on the screen (and the donation button below), you can find out things you can do starting today to reduce food waste.

More and more communities throughout the country are committing to converting food waste into compost in order to reduce the need for artificial fertilizers and to prevent the environmental problems that happen when food waste goes to landfills or into water treatment facilities. A new alliance has been formed to close this gap in our local Food System.

We are currently raising funds in order to fully cover the cost of the food scrap drop off service for the entire Medford Growers Market season. See our Autumn 2023 Newsletter to learn about our journey. Please donate to be a part of the community support that will help local farms and help heal our planet.

Donate for Community Compost

This is our brochure – please click on the image to the right – created to reach households as we knock on doors or hand out at public events. It is a consolidated version of the resources we have gathered and displayed throughout our website. Do you have a composting system that you want to invite your neighbors to participate in? This brochure is a great introduction to the issue to start conversations.You can print this out yourself or printed brochures can be given to neighbors of SOFS members upon request.


Southern Oregon Food Solutions