Southern Oregon Food Solutions

Welcome to Southern Oregon Food Solutions!

Our mission is to minimize food waste in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We do this by working in community to educate and inspire action for food production, usage, and disposal.

Our educational workshops address food waste in both commercial and residential settings.

By closing the gaps in our food cycle, we’ll be able to adapt and stay strong, and be a supportive, more self sufficient, sustainable community.

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Upcoming Events

Sowing Seeds of Hope – Saturday Sep 11 from 10 am – 2 pm at Phoenix Grange Hall. 209 N. Main St. Phoenix, OR.

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You can help Bellview Elementary school fifth graders learn about growing food in their own Food Forest.

Click here to go to our Events page to find out how you can help.






Food waste accounts for 8% of the world’s green house gas emissions? Or that the average family of four in America spends $1,600 per year on food that goes to waste?

We can each do our share to reduce food waste in our homes and when we eat out.

Southern Oregon Food Solutions