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About Southern Oregon Food Solutions in Ashland, Oregon


We, Southern Oregon Food Solutions (SOFS), started out as a group of people who had signed up to take a class presented by Southern Oregon Pachamama Alliance (SOPA) on the curriculum of Project Drawdown – a book that is a well researched compilation of the top ranked solutions that would help “drawdown” greenhouse gases (ghg’s) to reverse global warming, if adopted to scale. The book and the class were compelling, and the challenge given was to pick one of the solutions and make efforts to implement it in our local area. We decided to focus on reducing food waste which is ranked #3 as the most effective solution to fight climate change. Food waste accounts for 8% of the world’s green house gas emissions.

This idea of food waste reduction is taking hold all over the country and all over the world.

With the reality of COVID-19, we are in a process of discerning the best use of our group’s energy. While continuing to work to ensure that our precious food resources are not wasted, we may be shifting our emphasis to resilience and support of local food suppliers.

By closing the gaps in our food cycle, we’ll be able to adapt and stay strong, and be a supportive, more self sufficient, sustainable community.

Here is an article that traces some of the ground on food waste that we’ve covered here in Southern Oregon. Our many thanks to Ashland Tidings for the coverage.


Southern Oregon Food Solutions