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Overcoming Obstacles


Building sustainability does not mean putting up with deprivations of one kind or another. New businesses and jobs are being created all the time as people find creative ways of building sustainability. As you  know, not every single bit of food can be consumed (think banana peels, egg shells and coffee grounds). Here is a website showcasing a business that started in Chicago and meets a critical need in the efforts to reduce food waste.–

Some folks might think that transitioning to sustainability will have negative economic impact, i.e. it costs too much to make changes. This article specifically focuses on how IKEA focused on food waste reduction and since 2016 has averted 1.4 million kilos from landfills. This article describes the analysis conducted with World Resources Institute. The results showed that every $1 invested in reducing food waste, resulted in $7 dollars saved in operating costs.–

One of the biggest obstacles in eliminating food waste is the traditional distribution of food – whereas stores in affluent areas flout abundance and beauty, there is always more food available than is needed. Whereas people in low income areas lack access to good food that they can afford. This link is about a non-profit that is bringing people together to address the problems caused by food inequities in our current distribution system. Not only are they laboring to redirect surpluses to the food insecure, they are training interested apprentices from low income demographics with skills in food preparation and teamwork that they can use to secure better employment. It is creative, inclusive solutions such as this that will bring about the paradigm shift that we need to achieve sustainability.–

You may think that having an interest and understanding in politics is an individual option or that an individuals are not impacted by politics one way or another. While it is true that a person may or may not be interested politics, however, it is very true that politics is interested in individuals. The root of the word politics is policy, and politics is the process by which policy gets created, executed, and enforced. In other words, society is governed by a set of policies and how they are carried out. And because food is essential to our collective survival, polices have been created over time regarding food safety, access to food, farm subsidies, farm loans, setting milk prices, restaurant workers’ wages and many other areas related to food. Here is an article that shows an example of policy decisions impacting people here in Oregon. To address food insecurity, family farmers’ resiliency, and food waste reduction, it’s important to address policies that address the issues of food and economics as a whole.–

One of the most effective methods of learning something is through the use of humor. For your enjoyment, here is a link to the very funny John Oliver on the issue of food.

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