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There are always going to be parts of food that cannot be eaten. Think banana peels, egg shells, coffee grounds and orange peels. Even though we don’t eat these types of food, there are still a lot of nutrients within them that can be utilized through composting rather than wasted in a landfill. In the sections below, we are providing resources for different composting alternatives. Find one that will fit with your lifestyle.

Rogue Produce, Phone: 541-301-3426. We provide a weekly residential pickup of food scraps. Instead of taking the scraps to the landfill, we donate them to small local farms or local businesses, where they are used to create compost. By signing up for our Community Compost service, you reduce the waste in our local landfill and provide a great benefit to local farmers.

Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Backyard Compost

Fight Climate Change with Compost

3 Bay Compost Bin, STEP by STEP

DIY composter tumbler – 55 gallon barrel project

Vermicomposting – Worm Composting 101

Southern Oregon Food Solutions